Vapocane Standard & B

The prior versions to the Vapocane Fusion are called Vapocane Standard and Vapocane_B. The Vapocane Fusion unifies the Vapocane product line and also offers an adapter to make it fit in 14,5mm as well as 18,8mm pipe connections. Standard an B are perfectly working Vapocanes but we don’t produce them anymore. Of course we keep offering the complete customer and warranty service for them. They work the same way the Fusion does but there are some differences concerning the content of the sets and the filters used. The Standard is the high-end version produced in Austria and includes an additional marker shaped transport case, a cleaning brush and a jetflame lighter. The B is produced in Asia and includes only the basic Vapocane components. Neither of them comes with the 14,5/18,8 adapter and you have to choose between one of those two sizes. Please find more specific information below:

Usage Vapocane Standard – (Watch this video on YouTube)

Manual Vapocane Standard & B Version